Protesters faced the rain as they gathered Sunday at the ''Today, I Am A Muslim, Too'' rally to protest against a planned congressional hearing on the role of Muslims in homegrown terrorism in New York.

Many believe that Congressman Peter King's hearings that start today will not only encourage Islamophobia but needlessly divert resources.

A small but vocal counter-demonstration was present in support of Rep. King, most of whom seemed to have traveled all the way from Long Island to speak up for him.


Gustavo Gutierrez

March 11th

Muslim Americans in North America by all accounts are assimilated and better adjusted to life here than in Western Europe. In Western Europe, Turks were brought to Germany to engage in post-WWII reconstruction, however, they were ghettoized and never allowed to join the German mainstream. The same phenomenon occurred in France and Britain. Furthermore, North American countries have a civic identity, one based on shared values, not a common ethnicity or racial appearance. However, while Muslim Americans are assimilated for the most part, a small segment of the community does have some extreme beliefs. But this is true of any religious community, Muslims are not unique in this distinction.

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