BERLIN - Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has agreed to assist German investigators in the U.S. surveillance targeting Chancellor Angela Merkel phone records.  Hans-Christian Stroebele, a legislator for the opposition Greens party, meet with Snowden for three hours in a surprise trip to Moscow.

Stroebele says Snowden has a lot of information about the surveillance program, however, the details of Snowden's role in any investigation are still to be deteremined.  German officials want Snowden to come to Germany to testify, but Russian officials say that would not be possible since Snowdemn is not allowed to leave Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin granted Snowden temporary asylum, but has warned that will only stay in efect if Snowden does not say or do anything that harms the U.S.  A Russian lawyer helping Snowden said under the current agreement Snowden cannot reveal secret information while in Russia. That clause would make it difficult for Snowden to speak to any German parliamentary inquiry.  The Germans said they will consider putting Snowden in a witness protection program, if need be, to get him to speak. 

Stroebele's trip came a day after top American and German security officials met in Washington to try and ease tensions caused by reports that NSA monitored Merkel's mobile phone.  Meanwhile, Snowden was said to start work for a Russian Internet company in November.

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