It's well known that dictators aren't averse to holding a party or two and, since they often have almost as much cash as all their people combined, it's not unusual for them to spend a few million on a private show from a world-famous pop star.

For the acts involved, however, the vast sum they receive does mean they're forced to compromise their morals by performing for a bloodthirsty tyrant such as Muammar Gaddafi. Now the Libyan leader's regime seems to be acting more ruthlessly than ever, the stars who've sung for the reknowned despot now have huge stains on their reputation and, in order to limit the damage, some have swiftly donated their fees to charity.


SE Romero

May 21st

His favorite performance was Nelly Furtado's "Im like a bird i only fly away i dont know bla bla bla. Im surprised he didnt contract Bruce Springsteen born in the USA wah wah

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