Raja Naeem, a taxi driver in St. Louis, is suing the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission for suspending his taxi license because of what he wears to work.  Naeem, of Pakistani descent, wears a traditional Pakistani shalwaar-kameez outifit (lose trousers with long shirt).  He believes it meets the requirements of modesty in Islamic dress (the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission's (MTC) dress code is a white button down shirt and black slacks).

The case began in 2012.  Naeem claims he has been issued violations for not wearing the uniform. He is now suspended without pay by the MTC.  Naeem told local media that, "I've got kids to feed. I'm very stressed out, there's no doubt about it." Naeem has a wife and four daughters.

Ronald Klein, director of the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission, could not be reached for comment.  However, the MTC has public commented that they are not violating Naeem's religious rights and have done many things to accommodate his religious practice. A group of taxi drivers have rallied to Naeem's side.

The website is asking people across the U.S. to not get into a taxi driven by a Muslim in support of the MTC.

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