The total is now up to 24 the number of complaints filed by Muslim employees against DHL Global Mail allegedly for praying at work.  Mohamed Maow, fired from DHL Global Mail in Hebron, Kentucky, is the latest person to file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Federal civil rights law allows for "reasonable" accommodation for religious practices.  Praying five times a day, in a ritual lasting usually only several minutes, is often observed by devout Muslims at set times throughout the day.

Three of the fired workers were full-time employees of DHL.  The remaining were part-time employees.  Yet all of them claim that previously there allowed time off to pray.  Some suggest the change in attitude owes to a new manager.  A lawyer representing some the fired workers told local media that the employees were fired for insubordination, being disrespectful and engaging in hostile conduct.  DHL did not respond to requests for an interview with ILLUME Media.

Despite reports suggesting that Islamophobia is on the decline, the latest figures suggest that just in 2012, Muslims filed 785 complaints of the total of 3,811 religious discrimination charges to the EEOC.

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