If you can read this film review—certainly if you do—you will establish yourself as significantly better off than a majority of the global population. Girl Rising shares the stories of nine young women from places all over the globe who seek to make strides in education for a promising future. The film includes statistics about how simply allowing a girl to read, write and learn can be better for her family's and her country's future. By enrolling 1% more of India's girls in school, for example, the country's GDP would rise by $5.5 billion. The film is packed with similar statistics and clear reasons to support educational efforts for young females worldwide.

In addition to inspiring stories written by strong women who have their own triumphs, Girl Rising's narrators are strong females in their own regards. The voices of Alicia Keys, Meryl Streep, Priyanka Chopra and more narrate the stories of struggles and triumphs during the course of the 90-plus-minute film.

From early on, it is clear that the obstacles to get women opportunities such as education are not exclusive to primarily Muslim countries. To illustrate that, Girl Rising uses changes in film style, graphics and transitions to tell each brave girl's story. Some of the nine stories are more positive than others, but they all leave a unique lasting impression on viewers.

Girl Rising is not an every day leisure film, but it does, in every essence, address every day issues. The film enables viewers to do something about the issues girls worldwide face, and as a total package, the film details why the need for girls worldwide to be given great opportunities is urgent more now than ever.

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