The creators of Meow, Meow Maulana: The Story of Muhammad, an illustrated children's ebook about the Prophet Muhammad, are running a kickstarter campaign to bring the concept to life. Set to release as an ebook and a book app, the digital narrative tells the life of the Prophet through the characters of a mother cat and her three kittens.

The story is a lyrical, rhyming ballad aimed for children four years and older. The app and ebook includes detailed illustrations as well as “An Islamic Lullaby” by David Dakake.

The team consists of  author and project manager Alexis York Lumbard, illustrator Maram al-Hidmi, and singer and song-writer David Dakake. They aim to raise $11,200 for the 3D interactive ebook apps that users can see, touch and hear.

If the project is over-funded by at least $2,500, the extra funds will be used for a mini book app tour at conferences such as ISNA and SCBWI NY. If the project doubles its goals, a second children’s book app titled Salaam Mosque: A Muslim Tribute to Goodnight Moon is planned to be created.

If you would like to support the Meow, Meow Maulana: The Story of Muhammad project, visit the kickstarter campaign. 


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