SheSoWriteous host Yahsmin premieres a new podcast featuring an interview with Colorado based hip-hop couple The ReMinders and a classic track off their album, ReCollect.



February 19th

Alhumdulilah everyone, thanks for leaving comments. The second pilot episode will be up by week's end. We appreciate your patience with establishing this self produced show! Insha'Allah stay tuned and help to spread the word.

Rashida James-Saadiya

February 9th

This was an excellent interview, MashAllah! The Reminders are are great spirits and artists, shurkan for outlining their efforts. May Allah continue to guide your efforts.

Abraham Wishnoff

February 8th

Very well done interview...Keep up the great work! Appreciate the babies in the background.

Umm Ayah

February 8th

I loved the interview, I hope to hear from more artist,their personal story, triumph or struggle. Looking forward to more interviews...


February 5th

Great job...never heard this kind of music before...but well should consider doing projects on KPFA and NPR

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