On July 23, 2,500 Egyptians silently protested police brutality along Alexandria’s boardwalk.

Police officers allegedly publicly beat 28-year-old Khaled Saeed to death in June. There have been numerous protests across Egypt, a strong ally to the United States.

Facebook groups such as “We're All Khaled Saeed,” urged members to show up to protests in Cairo and Alexandria, Saeed’s home town, and other cities.

In these photos, Alexandrian protesters dressed in black and were asked to face the Mediterranean Sea, a couple feet apart from one another. Some read the Quran and the Bible, some wore headphones, and others stood quietly, expressing their anger and hope for change through silence. They then marched to Saeed’s home.

On Tues., July 27, the first trial will take place for the two policemen who allegedly murdered Saeed. Protests are being planned for that day.



July 24th

great pics. Hope these protests leads to some change

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