On June 6, Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) hosted a rally in lower Manhattan to protest the planned construction of a mosque near Ground Zero. Several hundred protesters had gathered in Zuccotti Park to voice their opposition to the selected location of a proposed community and prayer center.


Sam farah

May 8th

If any of these people actually researched what they're protesting about, they'd realise, there's not actually a mosque being built at ground zero, its a community centre that has some worshipping facilities. Its there for the community as a whole.

Musa Taha Bao

August 19th

God shots, but a useless rally. The Mosques has notihng to do with terrorism, it's a public place of worship, like Sinagogas, Churches, Buda'sTemples, Hare Krishna Temples, Jheova Witnesses and so on.If the problem exists, is not inside the Mosque;it's outside!! so...demand more security from the goverment to stop that type of agressions, and don't be afraid and against a place of worship. Peace and good will!! Musa Taha Bao

Donald Folzerberg

July 27th

was there a pot luck?  These people are idiots, what ever happen to freedom of Religion, dummies. Do we need to stop all the Evangelical non sense in Africa and everywhere they set up shop. I am not even Muslim but these idiots need need to realize what country they are in and understand that is a fundamental right.  i also think the masque will shed some light and be a counter image against fundamentalism.

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