Organized by the National Action Center, a gathering and march in opposition to “September 11 Remembrance Rally Stop the Ground Zero Mosque” was held in Lower Manhattan. Estimated at 1500, the attendees included human rights activists, students, union workers and local factions who voiced their support for Park51 (formerly known as Cordoba House) Cultural Center. The goals were to confront racism and anti-Islamic Bigotry, oppose  military actions and spending and promote the need for jobs, healthcare and schools.

Amongst event endorsers were Al-Awda NY Palestine Right To Return Coalition, American Muslims For Palestine, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Islamic Leadership Council of New York, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Workers World Party, and World Can't Wait.



September 16th

Amazing how we can twist a text so much that what is really an organisation whose text clearly underlines bigotry against other in its text which is the sole contributor to the Islamic terror humanity has endured since its bloody inception are depicted as a bunch of goodie two shoes. For Gods sake (whoever that may be) grow up.

Finding Halal Food Should Not Be Hard