Two years ago in the middle of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting, Fizza Ahmed became concerned about the needs of the homeless population in San Francisco. Fasting is supposed to teach empathy, and with so many people in need, Ramadan presented a great opportunity to put that empathy into practice.

She gathered a few friends to make 150 sandwiches one evening after iftar, the time when Muslims break their fast. They distributed the food in the Tenderloin known for it's concentration of homeless people, and dubbed it as Project FEED.

In nearly two dozen events, more than 100 volunteers have participated and over 9,000 meals have been distributed. August 22 marked the two-year anniversary of this project with 70 volunteers distributing 1,600 lunches.

Project FEED has received generous support from Ta'leef Collective and Soulful Moon. Ta'leef Collective provides Muslim converts and those born into the faith with an alternative social and sacred space, culturally relevant programming and positive companionship. Soulful Moon creates premium handmade greeting cards and invitations.

The small group has come along way and plans to continue meeting monthly to put the Ramadan empathy into practice all year round.

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