Congressman Keith Ellison started a 24-hour hunger strike Thursday evening as a sign of solidarity with four Occupy DC protesters who have fasted for more than a week.

Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison announced on his Twitter page earlier today that he'll forgo food or drink for one day to support the demonstrators who haven't had a bite to eat since 8 December.

'started my 24 hour solidarity fast last night. May the DC vote and budgetary independence prevail!,' Ellison tweeted.

Hungry: Congressman Keith Ellison on 24-hour fast

Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, met with the starved protesters yesterday and has pledged to read their declaration for voting rights for Washington, D.C. residents into the Congressional record.

The protesters are also seeking budgetary independence from Congress for District residents, the Washington Examiner reported.

'It's totally absurd that the federal budget would carry a rider restricting D.C. abortions,' one of the hunger-strikers, Sam Jewler, told the Examiner.

Angry: Occupy DC protesters marching through the Capitol

The Occupy DC protesters have made their home-base a camp they set-up in McPherson Square.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said today he wants the federal government to play for the costs related to the ongoing demonstrations.

He said they have cost the city $1.6 million since October.

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