The Hollywood Fringe Theatre is preparing for All Atheists are Muslim, a production dubbed a must-see by The New Yorker, Time Out NY and The San Francisco Chronicle. 

Written and performed by Zahra Noorbaksh, the one woman show covers issues that are often considered challenging—interfaith relationships, religion and love—through satire.

“Nothing brings people together like laughter,” says Noorbaksh.

Noorbaksh, an Iranian-American writer, performer and comedian says her involvement with theatre happened naturally, with her first shows at age of two, telling stories on her grandfather’s lap at dinner parties.

“There was no Youtube back then or I’m sure my mother would’ve uploaded every impression I ever did of her shopping at the bazaars in Tehran,” she jokes.

While she does write her own productions, most of her work is improvised on stage. "Art, especially theatre, is ongoing and ever developing process," says Noorbaksh.  

All Atheists are Muslim aims to “add levity to the heavy political discourse surrounding Iran and Islam” with a humorous and relatable story of family and love.

Noorbaksh sees the show as an opportunity to share experiences of Muslims and Iranians that are left out of the mainstream discourse.

Noorbaksh is currently fundraising to take All Atheists are Muslim to Hollywood.

How can you get involved?

The kickstarter campaign is available online at Noorbaksh hopes that supporters will contribute to the fundraising goal.

“When you purchase a ticket or back an artist’s campaign, you’re entering into a dialogue, not just with the artist themselves but with their message.”

Noorbaksh encourages her audience to not only share their experience, engage in dialogue and support diversity in their communities, but to add their voice as well.

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