Photo Essay


Pop Stars Who Performed for Gaddafi

It's well known that dictators aren't averse to holding a party or two and, since they often have almost as much cash as all their people combined, it's not unusual for them to spend a few million on a private show from a world-famous pop star.


Writing on the Wall

Muhammad Ali (Aerosol Arabic) takes graffiti-art and weaves it together with live spoken-word poetry in a theater space.


Pictures of Pakistan Series – Wazir Khan Mosque

Upon entering Wazir Khan Mosque, you are immediately taken aback by its beauty, especially during sunset. The din of the adjacent street vanishes, providing a quite place to pray and reflect.


Where the Homeless Live

The homeless in America are invisible to most people even when they are within sight. These invisible individuals each have their own unique stories of struggle and survival. With these photos I hope to shed some light on the dark corners and allies that the homeless occupy in society, if only to make people aware of their plight.


EXCLUSIVE: New Yorkers Protest Proposed Ground Zero Mosque

On May 25, 2010 Community Board Hearing was held to review proposal plans for Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center, known as Cordoba House.

A controversial vote was cast in favor of building 15-story high Islamic Community and Prayer Center by Ground Zero, New York City.


Thousands Protest Arizona Immigration Law in San Francisco

Thousands of Bay Area residents joined forces Saturday in San Francisco to protest the passage of Arizona’s controversial immigration bill, SB 1070.