Yassine Zaimi, 24, and Saleheddin Barhoum, 16, have filed a complaint against the New York Post, for falsely identifying them as the suspected Boston Marathon bombers.

The complaint was filed on Wednesday in Suffolk Superior Court and is asking for compensatory damages. The two Massachusetts men allege that the front page photos of them were "false, inflammatory and libelous assertions, " leading readers to believe that they were the suspects who carried out the Boston Bombings on April 15.

The bombings killed three and injured over 260 people. Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were eventually held responsible for the attacks.

According to the The Boston Globe, the lawsuit accuses the New York Post of libel, negligent infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy.

The two men were pictured by the New York Post three days after the attack, with the front page headline reading "Bag Men."

While the article didn't identify the pair by name, their photos were highly recognizable. According to the lawsuit, the two had to face "scorn, hatred, ridicule, or contempt in the minds of a considerable and respectable segment of the community," as a result of the photographs.

The Post, however, maintains that it didn't identify the pair as suspects.

Both Barhoum and Zaimi are Moroccan immigrants who have legally been living in the United States. Zaimi has no family in the United States and has sought counseling for depression after the Boston attack, reports The Boston Globe.

Immediate attempts to reach Yassine Zaimi were unsuccessful.

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