Pregancy can do a number on you. But it's also a great time in life (if you can get over the nausea, nerve pain, and sleep problems). Here are a few pregnancy tips, to help you deal with pregnancy.

Eat well and drink water. Good nutrition in pregnancy is important! But sometimes, it's just hard to eat. If you've got nausea, keep soda crackers, a plastic bag, as well as a bottle of water in your purse and car. If pregnancy makes you feel nauseous, crackers can help. A bag collects the mess, and being hydrated is important as pregnant women lose two to three quarts of water daily via perspiration and urination. And if you're in the middle of a summer pregnancy or exercising, it's even more critical, since you'll lose fluid from the heat and physical activity.

Meditate, pray and do yoga - lots of it. Pray for every single thing you want for your child (health, faith, happiness, success, gorgeous hair, good sleeper, etc.). Pray even if you're an atheist! Prayer has meditative properties, as does yoga. The quiet time alone with your thoughts and prayers lets you deal with the emotions associated with pregnancy and the changes you're going through.

Enjoy your sleep. If this is your first child, you will not be getting much of it for the next….18 years (at least).

Walk. While holding off on more intense exercise may be safer, try to squeeze in a walk a day if the doc okays it. It'll help you stay in shape and establish the habit of exercising daily.
5. Organize. Take advantage of your free time to write up and start implementing a post-birth plan. Marshall your family and friends to cook and clean for you post-baby (and they will ask how they can help). Make a daily schedule for the first month after the birth of who can bring meals and watch the baby so you can squeeze in some sleep (see, I told you).

BONUS TIP: Get your house professionally deep cleaned if you can afford it. It'll be seeing a lot of messy, but memorable, action in the coming years.

About the author: Samana Siddiqui is a Canadian living in the US. She is the mother of three princesses and a prince. She holds a Bachelors in Journalism and has written for several publications, including

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