Here's a story of generosity coming from the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings:  Ehab Sadeek, a bagel shop owner in Winchester, Mass., has donated all of his profits from the weeks preceeding the Boston Marathon attacks to a charity-- up until the last victim was released from the hospital.

Sadeek donated a total of $5,000 to One Fund, according to CBS News.

What motivated Sadeek to donate his money to the cause?

"I felt we had to do something," Sadeek told ILLUME Magazine. "What happened at the Marathon was five or six miles from where I live."

Sadeek, a practicing Muslim, claims that the driving force behind his desire to donate came from his five-year-old.

"We were watching CNN and saw one of the victims being interviewed; a victim who had lost a leg," Sadeek said.

"My five-year-old then reached out to me and gave me a hug, and asked me 'can this happen to us?' I gave her a hug and told her 'we'll be safe'," Sadeek said, in a phone interview.

When asked about the reaction from the community, he replied:

"Everybody's been supportive. They're all like me, everyday guys, moms and dads."

Sadeek, an Egyptian immigrant, also had some words for his fellow Muslim immigrants:

"We have a message to get out. And actions speak louder than prayers and sympathy," Sadeek said.

He implored his bretheren to change the way they respond to crisis-- by taking action rather than feeling bad about a situation.

"Sometimes, we as immigrants don't know what to do when something bad happens. We feel sad for the victims but we don't take action," Sadeek said.

"We need to change that."

Sadeek has been featured in many news outlets for his post-Marathon bombings heroism and generosity. And in the process, many have called and stopped by his shop to show their support. When asked if there had been any notable people he'd received support from, he laughed.

"I don't know any famous people. Just regular, everyday guys like myself."


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