Marvel Comics announced that they're creating a new American superhero. Her name: Kamala Khan.  This bad-ass comes from what is described as a conservative Pakistani-American family, from Jersey. Not sure if she will be into GTL (a Jersey Shore reference), but like the others, she's been given a super power: she can change shape.

Khan is a teenage girl – which seems to be important for the series creator.  Khan allows Marvel Comics to explore what it means to be female, but also an adolescent, South Asian and a Muslim.  Kamala may be out to save the world, but she will have some personal struggles of her own.  Her brother is described as being a very conservative; her mother worries about her talking to boys; her dad wants her to become a doctor (sound familiar?).  Stereotypes are bound to be challenged.

Marvel Comics admits to expecting a backlash for having a Muslim lead.  Not just from anti-Muslim types, but also Muslims who may oppose some of Kamal's antics.  One of the series writers, G. Willow Wilson, herself a Muslim, told the New York Times, that she expects Kamala to have personal struggles with her faith.  Some critics argued that while minority superheroes are important, there are other minorities (such as Blacks), that are still being overlooked.  Meanwhile, comic series that do not have a White character in the main role tend to fade quickly.  How the series creator's handle this issue is yet to be seen.

Next year, two more female characters will get series as well: She-Hulk and Elektra.

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