Who says Muslims can’t have a little fun?  “Halal” sex is now available online. 

Haluk Demirel’s launch of his new Turkish-based website - - sells sex-related products and paraphernalia minus the graphic pornographic visuals and other items deemed inappropriate according to traditional Muslim values.

The site also offers advice for Muslims seeking out what is halal or admissible/allowed practices, within the context of Islamic law (which actually is much more liberal than one may think.  For example, Islam does allow for birth control and the use of condoms).

The website shys away from items such as vibrators, because if used for masturbation, would be consider “prohibited” since most Muslim scholars condemn the practice. 

Is the site popluar?  Uh, you bet!  Since its launch just one week ago, they have over 33,000 visitors.  

Sorry folks, unless you can read Turkish, you may be out of luck, since the site is not in the English language.  But you know what they say:  a picture is worth a thousand words.  So, here is one website where you may be okay without Google translate.  

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