British authorizes are searching for Somalia-born terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, who escaped surveillance by wearing a burqa when leaving an East London mosque on Friday.

Mohamed was last seen entering the An-Noor Masjid Friday morning in men's clothing.  CCTV images issued by Scotland Yard allegedly show him leaving with his face and body fully covered by a burqa.  However, no explanation has been given as to how police identified the person leaving in the burqa to be Mohamed and not someone else.

The 27-year-old Mohamed is under parole, or Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures notice (Tpim ) as known in the UK.  Tpims are a control order that places restrictions on travel and finance imposed by judges, who have access to secret evidence that is not privy to a jury.  He is the second person to breach a Tpim since they were introduced to replace control orders in early 2012.

Why Mohamed is a terror suspect was not immediately clear.  Scotland Yard, however, added, "The police and security services do not believe that this man poses a direct threat to the public in the UK."

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