LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles International Airport police say 23 year-old Paul Ciancia is in custody in relation to this morning's fatal shooting at LAX, where a TSA officier was killed and four others wounded. 

Authorities say the shooter pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began firing at a Terminal 3 screening checkpoint.  A gun fight erupted between police and the suspect.  Ciancia was taken into custody and remains hospitalized in critical condition.  The shooting left a TSA officer dead.  The victim's name has not been released.  He was declared dead upon arrival at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, with gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen.  This is the first fatal shooitng in the line of duty for a TSA officer at LAX.

Four other people were injured. Two victims are in fair condition.  Another victim siffered minor injuries to the shoulder area and treated at a local hospital.  The fourth person was treated at the scene and released.

Although the suspect is in custody, officers are performing a sweep of Terminal 3 and surrounding areas as a precaution. The shooting has affected multiple flights and left passengers stranded. The airport is expected to be closed for hours. Airlines that operate out of the terminal include: JetBlue, Spirit and Virgin America. LAX is the third largest airport in the U.S.

In response to the LAX shooting, airports in New York are increasing their "high-visibility heavy-weapon patrol," so there is an increased display of "heavy weapons." Officials say the effort is aimed at deterring copycats.

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