"Nothing is more modern than the oldest shapes of the history of the world – not of humans. The shapes of the sea are very modern and very inspiring" - Karl Lagerfeld

Oceanic inspiration is no new concept in fashion. In fact, most reoccuring spring and summer looks draw their roots straight from aquatic elements: the coral surge as seen everywhere in floaty chiffon separates and your current favorite lipcolor. The punchy aqua-shimmer hue of your last manicure. The demure yet edgy fishtail braid for evening. Iridescent pearl finishes in everything from makeup to jewelry. That adorable bejeweled clam clutch. Even subtle concepts such as scalloped details and edging can be traced back to water life shapes.



New Spring Lines 2013

These notions have always had their place during warmer months, but perhaps the recent years' explosion can be attributed to powerhouse Karl Lagerfeld's dreamy underwater depiction in his Spring and Summer 2012 show featuring crisp outlines of sea creatures, coral, and seahorses with models emerging from a bubbled cave. Lagerfeld's attempt to break away from Chanel's traditional image of chains, tweed, and their interjoined "CC" trademark ("we don't need the logo anymore as everyone copies") served as a means to take these once juvenile "Little Mermaid" concepts into the grown-up mainstream limelight.

For those of us who dread the onslaught of heat and wonder how we will get thru yet another summer without resorting to skimpier clothing, the aquatic trend is a fun and punchy way to incorporate beach elements into one's repertoire...helping squelch the need for two-pieces and mini's to look and feel summer-savvy.

Each year this is a challenge. Aside from the usual myriad of ways we think to cope (thinner fabrics, flowier cuts) there always seems to miraculously appear a unique saving grace - a while back it was the tunic trend, and for the past few years it's been the monumental return of the slit-free, cling-free, flowy, airy, and hence dreamy maxi skirt and dress.

This summer, in addition to the mainstream long lengths and bright hues that help make us feel cool, calm, and seasonally appropriate, try adding a little water to your look. From the treasure of aquatic prints to choose from and the shimmery allure of mermaid hues in apparel and makeup, there is certainly no shortage of ways to make this look uniquely your own.

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