"Sachal Studios was born to produce the music of melody, acoustic harmony and rhythms that rock the heart."  That's how the music ensemble from Lahore, Pakistan describe themselves on their website.  They make their first U.S. appearance this weekend in New York City at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Their hit "Take Five" has been a virtual sensation and the popularity of the viral hit proves it.  Izzat Majeed and Mushtaq Soofi, the minds behind the Sachal Studio phenomena, are rumored to have reunited a number of Pakistan's past composers and musicians, who were disbanded in the late 1970s and 1980s, under what many refer to the authoritarian rule of then-President General Zia ul-Haqq.  Ul-Haqq imposed laws to curtail much of the arts in an attempt to rid Pakistan of so-called corrupting influences.  Majeed has been quoted as saying that if Pakistan's youth are not trained or educated in it's musical past, it will lose that tradition forever.

This Friday in New York City, they will bring a bit of that tradition of the Indian subcontinent to American audiences.  "Lahore, the home of Sachal Studios, remains one of the great cultural centres of Pakistan and India, notwithstanding the pillage and the spiritual terror this ancient city of music has had to suffer over the last three year decades."

For the Sachal Studios then, their American debut maybe much more than just the music.

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