Two weeks ago, Illume reported on the American debut of Pakistani jazz musicians, Sachal Jazz Ensemble in New York City.  But the group had to cancel its London performances because they were denied U.K. visas.

Despite having played in London in April, 2012, only five of the six groups members were issued visas to play in their latest concert.  Visas have also been denied to members of Ensemble Al-Kindi, a Syrian-Turkish group.

The U.K. Home Office, who head immigration, claims visas were denied only to those musicians who immigration officials suspect would not leave the country.  All of the Sachal Jazz Ensemble members were given Schengen visas, which allows them travel in the 25 EU member countries.

With visas being denied, some promoters are now refusing to work with artists from countries where visa applications may be denied, because of the economic impact canceling shows costs promoters and the event planners.

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