The fallout from drone strikes continues, after the latest drone strike killed Hakimullah Mehsud, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban.  Four other militants were also killed after U.S. drones strikes hit the car carrying the men on Friday. Hakimullah is the man responsible for killing CIA officiers, as depicited in the movie Zero Dark Thirty.

Pakistan's Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, released a statement stating that Pakistani has no choice but to review its ties with the United States.  Sharif called the drone attacks "counterproductive" to Pakistan's peace efforts.

The Pakistanis say the militants were killed on route to meet with Pakistani officials as part of on-going peace talks.  Islamabad now blames Washington for ruining attempts at a peace process, claiming the drone attack undercuts the Pakistani government's efforts to negotiate a peaceful end to the insurgency.  The White House rejects this claim.  The Pakistani government has summoned U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Olson, to discuss he matter.

Meanwhile, Mehsud was buried on Saturday in secret, for fears of more drone attacks at the funeral.  A permanent replacement for the Pakistani Taliban has not been named.  The group also says that they have not decided if they will retaliate for Mehsud's death.

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