Shots rang out at a mosque in New Jersey Tuesday night. There are no reported injuries or fatalities, despite the fact that the mosque was left riddled with bullets.

Members of the mosque were gathered inside for nightly Ramadan prayers, called taraweeh prayers. Last week, Muslims around the world began observing the holy month of Ramadan.

In a surveillance video obtained by ABC's Lucy Yang, a nervous man is seen at the entrance of the mosque, staring at something outside. He then rushes inside the mosque and ducks for cover as shots ring out, running through the vestibule and through the prayer room.

The bullets were in the vestibule area of the mosque, with one bullet breaking glass and another piercing a steel gate, reports ABC Eyewitness News.

The third bullet hit the bricks outside.

According to authorities, the target of the shooting was an individual and not the mosque.

The intended victim was a 23-year-old man who was about to report a suspicious individual outside a store, reports When he went to some people outside the nearby mosque to ask for a cel phone, the shots erupted.

The shooters and the intended target are all believed to be from Newark, reports ABC Eyewitness News.


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