A New Jersey Muslim woman is suing the self-proclaimed progressive New School University in New York alleging insults and slurs by co-workers because she is Muslim. 

Jamliah Moudiab, a student advisor, quit her job and filed a civil-rights lawsuit in Manhattan federal court.  She claims her supervisor told her that the university is a "religious free zone" and that she should remove her hijab.  Moudiab adds that her co-workers also harassed her by placing a Christian cross and Rosary beads on her desk to "further castigate" her Muslim beliefs.

Among the other complaints in the suit is that Moudiab was harassed by her supervisor and co-workers for putting up photos of Trayvon Martin after he was shot to death by cops.  Some of her co-workers did not feel as sympethic to Martin. 

Both The New School and Moudiab's lawyer declined comments to the media at the time of this post.

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