On Tuesday, Michael Enright pleaded guilty to attempted murder and assault in the slicing of the throat of a New York Muslim cab driver in a 2010 attack.

Enright, 24, attacked Ahmed Sharif, a Bangladeshi father of four while Sharif was giving him a ride on the evening of Aug. 24, 2010. The drunk Enright insulted Sharif's regigion and lunged into the front seat, all the while hacking at cabbie's neck. When asked by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Richard Carruthers if his intention was to kill the driver, he answered yes.

Prosecutors alleged that the crime was motivated by hate. Enright allegedly asked his victim if he was Muslim, after which he proceeded to attack him, while making anti-Muslim statements, according to prosecutors. The case is being tried in state court, but hate crimes fall under both New York and Federal jurisdiction, depending on the facts. Essentially, in New York, a hate crime is committed  where a crime's victim is selected on the basis of the victim's race, religion or national origin, among other factors.

Enright, a former School of Visual Arts film student, admitted to attacking the driver. 

"I used a knife and cut the throat," said Enright.

Enright's sentencing is scheduled for June 25. He faces up to 25 years in prison.

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