A Muslim cleric opened a session of Congress this morning with a prayer.

This morning. Imam Talib Shareef of Masjid Muhammad in Washington, D.C. opened the session of Congress.

His speech called for God's blessing as Congress "navigate the waters of our national issues."

"As we pledge one nation under God, indivisil , with liberty and justuce for all," said Imam Shareef in his prayer, "in acknowledging you God, who created us all and cares about us all equally, bless this house to be reflective of e pluribus uno, the many diverse, wonderful, beautiful expressions of human life that have contributed to the beauty ans strength of America."

According to Faith in Action, Masjid Muhammad is the nation's first mosque built by American citizens.

"This nation is a gift from you and under you God, we are responsible for how we treat everything, Amen"

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