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ILLUME is an award-winning, independent media organization that captures and articulates the Muslim-American experience. Using various media, our team of reporters and editors uncover important and timely issues through enterprise reporting, investigative journalism and critical analysis, while upholding the highest level of journalism ethics and standards.

Muslims in America are facing unique challenges that require a critical examination of the issues important to them, in an objective and thoughtful manner. Perhaps the most important aspect in addressing these challenges, and the one that is most in need of development, is a functioning, vibrant and professional media.

ILLUME is at the forefront of Muslim-American media and journalism by distributing media online, on mobile, on broadcast and through print platforms.

ILLUME accomplishes its mission by:

* Creating original, daily news content.
* Incorporating investigative journalism, expert analysis and in-depth coverage of critical issues.
* Telling stories mainstream media does not have the ability to.
* Sharing the Muslim-American perspective oneveryday life.
* Accessing experts who can comment on the news, life and culture of Muslim-Americans.
* Advancing citizen journalism to expand the breadth of coverage.

will allow us to produce in-depth, ground breaking, investigative stories, including video packages, conduct our highly sought-after, weekend long, Digital Journalism in the Age of Multimedia Storytelling Seminar, and do daily reporting online through our website with multiple stories a day.

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