Criticizing President Barack Obama is not just for Rush Limbaugh anymore.

In fact the conservative commentator has come under fire along with Mr. Obama by Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco.

On the Muslim rapper's latest track “Words I Never Said,” the artist criticizes the president, Limbaugh and fellow conservative talker, Glenn Beck of FOX News.

Fiasco charges Limbaugh and Beck with being racists for some of their political stances and their commentaries.

Limbaugh is currently the center of a campaign by the Asian-American community to pressure sponsors to boycott his show until he apologizes for recent comments he made mocking the Chinese language.

Fiasco accuses Mr. Obama for not taking a stand for the people of the Gaza Strip, which has been called the victim of one of the worst examples of human rights violations in the world caused by Israel's ongoing blockage of the region. The Israeli government says the actions are necessary to protect its sovereignty and to defend its people from attacks.

“Limbaugh is a racist/ Glenn Beck is a racist/Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn't say sh*t/That's why I didn't vote for him/Next one either/ I'm a part of the problem/ My problem is I'm peaceful/ And I believe in the people,” he raps on the track.

The artist explains his stance later in the song when he says that “I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence/ fear is such a weak emotion/ that's why I despise it…”

Fiasco is joined by Skylar Grey on the track.



February 7th

lupe isn't calling beck or limbaugh out on racism. he is speaking out of sarcasm as he does in several other lines in the song. He is saying this to make fun of people crying foul at any sign of opposition to their stances


February 2nd

Lupe Fiasco is dope. He is real Hop Hop! Thanks for bringing it back Lupe! Enough of this crap they play on the radio 24-7 (bottles up, smoking/drinking, partying, getting drunk, etc.). People need to wake-up and think about whats going on in the world today! Thankfully there are a few real artists like Lupe still out there banging the truth!


February 2nd

"Fiasco is joined by Skylar Grey and Wasalu on the track." Wasalu is Lupe's real name.


February 2nd

Wasalu is Lupe's first name lol

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