Carlos Molina’s undefeated reign ends at the hands of Amir Khan, in his first bout under new trainer, Virgil Hunter.

Khan lived up to the hype and delivered with a new yet familiar style. He was slick, much more calculated, but still entertaining as ever.

Khan’s hurricane like combinations of jabs and hooks were too much for Molina. Molina’s face was quickly reddening as the fight went on.

A cut over the eye of Molina drew concern from his corner, and finally, after taking more punishment from Khan, at the end of the tenth round, the last bell of the fight would be rung.

As Molina sat in disappointment, Khan raised his arms to his sides, as if he was finally liberated from everything he had gone through thus far, and was bombarded by his corner, because for now, he is the super lightweight champion of the world.

It could easily be said Khan won every round with ease. The influence of Virgil Hunter was apparent, and the effectiveness of his training showed.

Despite Molina connecting with some hooks after a Khan barrage, you could see a difference in the way Khan would step back and then step in after throwing three or four jabs.

Or the way he would protect himself from Molina’s power punches with a much tighter guard.

Probably the most notable aspect of Khan’s evolution, is how much more patient he looked.

Instead of rushing in wildly and trying to match the toughness of the hard-nosed Molina, Khan controlled the distance and the fight. He allowed the fight come to him naturally.

It could be heard after the fight, as Khan was being congratulated, someone from his corner repeated, “Patience man. Patience, it paid off.”

Khan showed a significant improvement from his previous fights, but his evolution is still premature.

The bout against Molina was criticized as being a “soft” fight for Khan, in other words a tailor-made matchup for Khan to win. It will take a few more fights, in this type of fashion, for the world to believe again in Khan, and his decision to leave Roach for Hunter, justifiable.

The next match for Khan was hinted at after the fight, when Khan was interviewed. Danny Garcia, the man behind the left hook that Khan will never forget, was in the audience, and had a few words from Khan that should hopefully set something up between the two.

“If I was fighting Garcia today, I would have knocked him out. I'm ready for Danny Garcia anytime, anywhere, any place,” said Khan.

The crowd roared, and the camera panned in on Garcia who beat his hand against his chest, ready to accept the challenge.

A rematch with Garcia, would be a more accurate depiction of the affect that Hunter has on Khan, seeing that Garcia is a heavy-handed fighter.

The past year has been extremely difficult for Khan.

From relationship problems, to being criticized for having a glass jaw, and not cut out for boxing, the win removes a big weight off his shoulders.

He can sleep well tonight, and forget about everything the papers and the naysayers have to say about him, because today,

Amir Khan is nothing but a winner. Make way, his royal highness is here.

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