Ramadan is meant to be a holy month observed by fasting and exercising self control, but it's becoming challenged by over consumption, price gouging and consumerism taking place across the Muslim world. Is Ramadan becoming too commercialized?

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Dena Takruri


  • Rev. Paul Raushenbush @raushenbush (New York, NY) HuffPost Senior Religion Editor
  • Amarra Ghani @dj__amz (Asheville, NC) University of North Carolina '12
  • Fahad Ahmad @MuslimAdNetwork (San Diego, CA) Director of Marketing at Ummah Media Group
  • Harris Zafar @Harris_Zafar (Portland, OR) National Spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA
  • Sabiha Ansari @muslimconsumer (North Brunswick, NJ) Event Director at American Muslim Consumer Conference

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