This week has been a crazy week in the news.

Here's a recap of some of out top headlines and newsmakers this week.


ILLUME was at the funeral of Malcolm X's grandson, Malcolm Latiff Shabazz. The funeral took place in Oakland in Friday. See the coverage and photos from the funeral of Malcolm Latiff Shabazz.


On the national front, it's been a week of scandals, political turmoil and drama.

For starters, the IRS Tea Party investigation came to light. READ: Do Muslim Nonprofits Have it Easier Than Tea Party Groups? IRS Cracks Down on Tea Party Nonprofits (ILLUME)

As it turned out, the IRS' section for exempt organizations was allegedly targeting Tea Party groups who were applying for nonprofit status.

Now, those accusations are leading many Republicans are asking for President Obama to be impeached. READ: Will the IRS Tea Party Scandal Lead to Obama's Impeachment? (ILLUME)

But will the IRS Tea Party investigation cause Obama to be impeached? It's unlikely.

Well, it's unlikely if we're talking about just the IRS Tea Party scandal. But throw in the Benghazi e-mails and the Republicans might push harder for Obama's impeachment.

READ: White House Releases Benghazi E-Mails (ILLUME)

On the lighter side of the news, it seems as though the Boston Bombings have created a new "suspicion" criteria for Arabs. Now, Arabs with pressure cookers freak the American public out.

Read: Feds Pursue 2 'Suspicious' Arabs With Pressure Cookers (ILLUME)


Finally, on the lightest side of the news, we've got a review of Star Trek Into Darkness.

READ: Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review: 'Mixed Bag' (ILLUME)

And ILLUME's resident fashionista talks about spring 2013 fashion tips, telling how we'll see a repeat of old styles. READ: Spring 2013 Trends: 3 Looks Get New Life (ILLUME)

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