To everyone who voted: THANK YOU!

The votes are in, and because of your votes ILLUME took first place in the first phase of the selection process (online voting) for the UNITY startup grant funding.  We received over 13,000 votes, which is more than 50% of the total votes cast. 

At stake, is $20,000.00. That's much needed money that will allow ILLUME to continue on.

But it is more than just the money.  Without you and your votes, we could not have taken first place.  For us at ILLUME, your vote is a commitment to excellence in journalism, a belief that there is a need and room for more voices in American mainstream media and a vote of confidence in the award-winning news and analysis of the American-Muslim that only ILLUME has been able to deliver.

We are moving forward, and we are doing it together.

We will keep you posted where we go from here.

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