There are some pretty rockin women in the Muslim world. And while many in the mass media have portrayed Muslim women as being meek, reserved and oppressed, here's a piece on Huffington Post Religion that showcases some of the fabulous and inspirational women from the Muslim world.

First up-- Malala Yousufzai, who survived an assasination attempt by the Taliban for her role in promoting education for women.

By most standards, Yousufzai is very inspirational.

But "inspirational" isn't the same for all and while some women in the Huffington Post piece are undeniably inspirational, others aren't as favorably viewed as Yousufzai. Here's the Huffington Post piece featuring "Kick-Ass Women of the Muslim World."

Let us know your thoughts! 

Excerpt from Huffington Post:

In honor of Yousafzai, the team from The I Files, The Center for Investigative Reporting's investigative news channel (subscribe here-- it's free!), compiled a list of 10 other kick-ass women (or groups of women) you might not have heard about who are making an impact in the Muslim world. They are rebels, artists, educators, filmmakers, activists and pariahs who spark change, controversy and even outrage. Some are working on a large stage, while others make a mark with smaller acts of defiance.

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