Summer is a tricky season for fashionistas who want to keep it wholesome. It's a season where the shorts and tanks hit the racks.

But if tanks and minis aren't your thing, don't fret! The summer is also a great time for long and flowy.

In a previous piece, ILLUME's resident fashionista, Saba Ali of Style By Design. discussed how ocean hues and flowy fabrics were en-mode this season.

Here are a few more tips on how to find modest summer dresses and clothes:


Get your clothes customized and tailored. Have you ever seen the perfect blouse, only to wish you could add sleeves to it? It's hard to go to the malls and find what you need. And when you find what you need, it's just as hard to find the right size and the right fit. You can now go online and get your clothes customized. Check out eShakti Custom Clothing.-- it's a place where you can choose an outfit and then add sleeves and give your exact dimensions.

Wear cotton and linen dresses and shirts. In the hot summer months, you want to avoid viscose and rayon as those fabrics attract heat. Stick to cotton and linen.

Cotton blouse from Mango

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