How can you lose weight when fasting? That's a question weighing on the minds of many these days.

This week, many Muslims will head into the month of Ramadan. For the uninitiated, it's a month where many will be fasting, from sunrise to sundown.

The concept of weight loss in Ramadan seems almost intuitive-- you don't eat so you're bound to lose weight, right?


Many people actually complain that they gain weight in Ramadan. With fancy sundown feasts and heavy breakfasts, your slowing metabolism can catch up with you in Ramadan.

Celebrity fitness trainer Rehan Jalali is famous for many things-- one thing being his Ramadan training plans. His clients in Southern Califoria swear by his "Fajr Sprints"-- i.e. his early morning running schedule for his trainees.

Here are some of his Ramadan weight loss tips:

Best times to work out

According to an article by Rehan Jalali on, the best time to work out is not during the fast, but either before or after. He states that the best time to work out in Ramadan is after the night Tarawih prayer-- which can come as late as 11 pm this Ramadan. If you're unable to work out that late, Jalali then says that another good time to work out is before having your morning meal-- and this year, that's as early as 3 am for some folks.

Finally, if neither of those options work Jalali points to the window of time between breaking your fast and doing your night prayer, assuming you wait an hour after breaking your fast to work out.

But don't work out every day-- Jalali writes that cardio should be limited to two times a week in Ramadan.

Best foods for losing weight in Ramadan

Dates are the best possible food in Ramadan, Jalali says. In fact, he equates their re-hydration nutrients to the popular drink Gatorade, saying that dates have properties that help the body replenish and rehydrate.

Other foods Jalali points to include extra virgin olive oil and figs.

For more tips and a complete Ramadan weight loss menu, read Rehan Jalali's full article at

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