There's a great scene in Pulp Fiction where Vincent, John Travolta's introspective contract killer, complains to his bathrobe-clad heroin dealer about an unknown scoundrel who "keyed" the pristine paint job on his vintage Chevy Malibu. The wistful coda to his woeful tale is this: "It'd been worth him doing it just so I could've caught him doing it."

And that's where we are these days with Donald Trump -- in a matter of weeks, he's propelled himself into the "I wish a motherf***** would" phase of his as-yet-undeclared presidential campaign. He's talked enough smack about President Barack Obama that it's time, as Bill Cosby demanded last week on Today, for Trump to run or just "shut up." It's time that Trump talked about Obama to his face.

After a monthlong "Birther" tourthat stopped at Good Morning AmericaO'Reilly and The View to deposit the recycled claim that under Obama, "this country is going to hell," and Trump's thoroughly debunked "doubts" about Obama's citizenship -- including his theory that the first black president's white grandparents fudged his birth records to get him on welfare -- this week Trump went on Fred Dicker's radio show and presented the caveat that he's got "a great relationship with the blacks."

Not anymore. Let's shoot it straight: Plenty of black folks appreciate a blunt-talking guy dipped in expensive suits, as much as -- if not more -- than the next person. If Trump had coupled his reality-TV and Twitter-friendly style with the tolerant social views and "You can have all this, too" team-of-me ethos that he once touted, he could have been the one candidate in the 2012 Republican field to peel away a few black votes from Obama.

While African Americans still support Obama at an 85 percent clip, contrary to popular belief, black America can roll with a lot of the criticism about the president's leadership. But once Trump started arguing that Obama wasn't American, whatever goodwill he had in blackworld up and vanished.

If Trump is even wondering, here's why his passport to black America is probably canceled:



April 18th

Trump is a big idiot. He will run, but wont get chosen as the GOP candidate because he has no political experience. His comments on Obama's race and birth certificate can only take him so far. Go back to building your gaudy towers and casino's (with materials made in China), Mr. Trump!

morris wise

April 18th

There are no bells ringing in the Trump casinos for losers, he pays out big for winners and throws losers out the door. That is the way Trump will run the nation as president. His main job will be in getting rid of deadbeats. His presidential approval ratings will depend on how fast he fires them and boots them out the door.


April 18th

what the fuck when is the black vote basho describe it to me DAVID SWERDLICK why do you insist on being a race pimp cant you see that you are being played WE ALL AMERICANS DUMBASS if you want to be just black go the fuck back to africa.


April 18th

who cares..??!! if the blackvote supports mr war?

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