Created by Unity Productions Foundation, a documentary filmmaker dedicated to “promoting peace through its media,” “Ground Zero Dialogue,” is a free website that provides visitors with access to a number of informed and well-produced videos on Islam and Muslims in America. In the midst of the Park 51 controversy and the Quran burning event, the site was officially launched today.

As explained on the website, “The project is an opportunity for all Americans to take the time to understand the big picture, get to know their American Muslim neighbors, and remember our nation’s highest principles.”

The project is part of Unity Productions’ “20,000 Dialogues,” an initiative which uses “film to facilitate informed conversations and public programs about Muslims and Islam.”

Among other clips, videos, and productions, the site offers “Talking through Walls,” a film which features a story on an opposed mosque project but brings together interfaith unity and support and “Inside Islam,” a documentary on Gallup poll results that features Dr. John Esposito and Dahlia Mogahed speaking on the views of Muslims on controversial issues nation-wide.

The “Ground Zero Dialogue” launch begins with an official event to be held on September 11 at the Washington DC Jewish Community Center and is set to feature a screening of “On a Wing and a Prayer,” a short film about an American Muslim and his relationship with the FBI upon his decision to pursue his dream to fly airplanes.

The site encourages users to order a free DVD and organize dialogues at homes, schools, and community centers. A number of discussion guides for the films can also be accessed.

Unity Productions Foundation’s films have been recognized numerous times and are often screened on PBS and other prominent media outlets.

Also working to promote awareness and education to fight bigotry, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has launched a project known as, “Learn, Don’t Burn.” The initiative is set to distribute 200,000 copies of the Qur'an to replace the 200 that the Gainesville Church plans to burn this September 11.

Executive Director Nihad Awad will give the Eid Sermon in Gainesville on Friday and will lead a press conference on Saturday, following the expected burnings.

Awad says, “The unfortunate behavior on the part of the church’s officials should prompt stepped-up interfaith dialogue nationwide. People may be surprised to learn about the commonalities between the Quran, the Bible, and the Torah.”

Visit “Ground Zero Dialogue,” to watch a number of films on Islam and Muslims and to learn how to organize dialogue events of your own:

To learn more about CAIR’s “Learn, Don’t Burn,” Campaign and contribute to the initiative, visit their website:

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