It’s not often that an advertisement promotes a brand or product as well as the idea of peace between two countries; however Google India’s latest three-and-a-half minute ad did that and more.

The short video called “Google Search: Reunion,” which has been making its rounds on various social media platforms, tells a story of two friends separated by the India/Pakistan partition in 1947.

In the touching video, Suman listens to her grandfather, Baldev, narrate a story of his childhood friend, Yusuf, in pre-partitioned Lahore. In this Hindi ad, her teary-eyed grandfather tells Suman of fun memories he had with his friend and how the partition separated them overnight. With a few quick Google searches, Suman is able to locate Yusuf and reunites him with his long-lost friend.

By the end of the video, viewers are left with moist eyes and an aching heart, the story of Baldev and Yusuf is meaningful for both Indians and Pakistanis alike. In addition, the advertisement not only struck a chord with the older generation, who found the story of Baldev and Yusuf relatable, but also with the tech-savvy younger generation.

In addition to showcasing Google’s search engine capabilities, the video did an excellent job in showing both Indians and Pakistanis in a positive light. Despite past and present animosity that the countries’ governments have for one another, it reconnects the people with a common bond.

In an article by  Global Voices Online, the author writes “Till date, the wounds left by partition have not healed and the relationship between the two countries is often strained, marred by  wars, border disputes, military stand-offs and a continuing conflict over Kashmir.  The partition tore apart friends and families, many of whom have not been able to find each other and/or reconnect.”

According to The Express Tribune, the video is one of five in a series and says that it is “helping Google reemphasize the importance it assigns to the company’s contribution toward connecting humanity and making actual, tangible effects on lives.”


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