Anti-Muslim sentiment in the media is only getting stronger. This week. Glenn Beck took shots at veteran journalist Diane Sawyer, claiming she is a pro-Muslim bigot, according to New York Daily News.

Sawyer allegedly cut ties with Beck, he claims, after the Council on American-Islamic Relations threatened to boycott ABC and Disney, of they didn't take Beck off the air.

Beck and Sawyer were co-workers at ABC. He claims the relationship was a tarnished one, where he was Sawyer's "b--h."

Why is Beck coming out about this right now?

“I’m telling this story because the fact that — these corporations are afraid of extremists,” Beck said, on the July 31 edition of his radio show The Blaze.

What's shocking about Beck's assertions is that he labels Sawyer as a bigot without having any hard-and-fast proof on her purported bigotry. He claims that she distanced herself from him after CAIR came after the network.

Then, he claims that he saw her eight months later and she had become a bigot:

"Finally about eight months later, she has lunch with me, and she becomes the biggest bigot I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Muslims and their friends have been called many things by the media, over the years-- "extemists," "terror sympathizers," "oppressive," "backwards."

But calling Diane Sawyer a "bigot," on the mere conjecture that she was afraid of CAIR?

That's a new one.

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