Hard hitting Fox News is going hard at what it does best.

The national network news station, notorious for egregiously propagating Zaytuna College's alleged desire to enforce sharia law in America, is now taking aim at tech giant Google's conspiracy to convert the masses to Islam.

In a story published Monday, Fox alleges the search engine censors potentially offensive search suggestions to complete the sentence "Islam is" while allowing the same computer to draw hateful conclusions when searching for "Christianity is."

Google responded by saying the "weird absence of results" was a software bug and in fact the company did not favor Islam or any other religion over Christianity.

Perhaps most frustrating to Fox News was Google's refusal to offer a time line for "repairing the problem." Maybe because there was no problem at all?

A search just a day after Fox published its investigative report shows a host of colorful adjectives to complete the phrase "Islam is," including "false," bulls**t," "the devil," and strangely enough "google."

Thanks Fox News for making the world wide web a fairer and more balanced place.

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