A lot of us with liberal leanings have never really thought much of the Fox News Channel. Recent actions not only reinforce our views that Fox News reporters were not quite right in the head, but may also prove to alienate those who actually did go to Fox News for, well, news.

In the past few months, Fox reporters have:

- accused Dunkin Donuts of supporting terrorism when the company had Rachel Ray wear a paisley scarf in a web ad that could maybe pass for a keffiyeh (which doesn't symbolize terrorism anyways)

- accused Barack Obama of plagiarizing the speeches of Mario Cuomo verbatim even though they were completely different.

and my favorite:
- accused Barack Obama and his wife of performing a "terrorist fist jab".

Now, the network has further compromised their credibility to be an actual news source by reverting to grade school antics. Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends altered pictures of reporters with Photoshop in a news story in an effort to ridicule them, not telling the viewer the pictures were altered. They yellowed the teeth and thinned the hair among other things of journalists they were discrediting in their story. Here's an example of one of the reporters:

Media Matters reports the story here.

I realize this is just one more thing to add to the long list of ridiculous things that the journalists on Fox News have conducted and is almost not even worth mentioning, but enough is enough. Recently, the news team on the Fox affiliate channel in the Bay Area here in California said to their viewers that, even though they carry the Fox name, their views do not match the ones from the actual Fox News Channel. This is common sense yet these reporters of KTVU Fox felt the need to explicitly distance themselves from people like O'Reilly, Malkin, and the other shame-challenged reporters working for Fox News.

It's about time this network became accountable for their actions. Or at the very least, take out the "News" part of their network name because, seriously, it's all  getting a bit ridiculous now.



July 9th

Fox equals idiots.


July 8th

great article on exposing the antics of Fox News, which should be called "Fear News"! Can you post this on the MAI site as well? Thanks!

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