After weeks of controversy and hours of debate, the Volusia County School district in Florida, decided to keep using a world history textbook that upset parents about its coverage of Islam.  Critics suggest that the textbook in question, "World History," whitewashes the history of Islam, especially as it relates to the 9-11 attacks, and is not as critical about Islam as it is about Christianity.

The controversy began in early November after parents posted their concerns on Facebook.  They also tried to organize a rally ahead of the November 5 district meeting.  That meeting was canceled over security concerns.

Brian Vaughn, a Student Government representative at Spruce Creek High School, turned in a petition signed by more than 500 students from five high schools in support of the textbook and curriculum.  The petition says: "We hope that the School Board will respect our voices in the process of education and reject voices of intolerance and censorship."

During the hearing, the district did not take a formal vote, only saying that the book will continue to be used.  Board member Linda Costello says she will continue to push for amore thorough review.  Volusia County is close to Dayton Beach, Florida.

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