Gregory Houston Holt, an innate in an Arkanas prison, will be allowed to grow a beard in accordance with his relgiious beliefs, while he petitions the Supreme Court over prison grooming policies. Holt, now known as Abdul Maalik Muhammad, is fighting the the grooming policy of the Arkansas Department of Corrections. 

The policies only allows for trimmed moustaches or quarter-inch beards for a diagnosed dermatological problem. It is intended to prevent inmates from concealing contraband, drugs or weapons, among other things.  Some Muslim men believe it a requirement for men to grow facial hair and to not be allowed to grow a beard violates his religious freedom.  Holt, is, however, allowed use of other religous items of his faith, such as a prayer rug. He is also in communication with a religious adviser and he is allowed to fast during Ramadan.  

Holt is a 38-year-old White male, who converted to Islam and is currently at Varner Supermax, serving a life sentence for a 2010 for aggravated domestic burglary and first-degree domestic battering case for allgedly slitting his girlfriend's throat.  Holt is described a "habitual offender" with prior convictions for first-degree "terroristic threat," for threatening a holy war on jurors from his trail.

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