Everyone can now sign up for their own email address.  CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Facebook Messages, a messaging system organizing all your SMS, Chat, and emails together into a single conversation.

Joel Seligstein, a software engineer for Facebook, says he’s “jealous” of what Facebook Messages will do for the generation growing up with Facebook.  “They will have the conversational history with the people in their lives all the way back to the beginning: From ‘hey nice to meet you’ to ‘do you want to get coffee sometime’ to ‘our kids have soccer practice at 6 pm tonight,’” Seligstein wrote on the company’s blog page.

Facebook’s announcement puts the social network up against other Google, Yahoo, and MSN, pioneers of email and instant chat technology.  At the San Francisco event however, Zuckerberg says this is not an “email killer.”

“It's a messaging system that has e-mail as one part of it. I don't expect people to wake up tomorrow and say, 'I'm going to shut down my Yahoo account or my Gmail account,’” he said.  “We expect that more people will IM and more people will message just because it's simpler and easier and it's more fun and valuable to use.

Facebook users can message anyone, whether they are on Facebook or not, on this new platform and the system will prioritize the messages based on user history.  A few users will have the opportunity to use Facebook Messages today, while others be invited over the next few months.

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