Muslim civil rights groups are asking federal officials to investigate complaints that Chase bank is allegedly closing bank accounts of Muslim customers.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has received numerous complaints from Muslims in Detriot that their accounts were closed and in many instances, closed without cause or explanation.

As is often the case, the bank states privacy a reason for not being able to openly discuss the issues at hand, but civil rights groups argue these are not isolated incidents. 

In the meantime, Huntington National Bank faces similar allegations.  In July, another civil rights group filed a class-action lawsuit against the bank, citing, "racial, ethnic, national origin and religious discrimination."  People of Arab descent said their accounts were closed by Huntigton National Bank also without notification.  In this case, a Huntington employee is said to have leaked bank memos in which bank managers instructed banks to close accounts of Muslim or Arab account holders.

Civil rights groups estimate upwards of 1,000 acounts may have been closed between the two banks.

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