Crayola is coming under scrutiny by “anti-shariah” groups for being too Muslim-friendly.

The crayon company recently released a free Islamic themed coloring book in honor of the month of fasting for Muslims.

For most, this would not be a cause for alarm. But for the Anti- Shariah Pickens County  Republican Party in Georgia, this coloring book is offensive.  The group issued a call to action , claiming that Ramadan is a  “month of jihad” and a “month of victory” over infidels.

Crayola’s  “Ready for Ramadan” coloring book contains pictures of common Islamic symbols, such as the prayer rug and minaret as well as a design note on “Ways I Plan to Improve Over the Next Year,” with instructions to “color this Ramadan design and add your thoughts”.

The Pickens County GOP mentioned, in its action call,  that this opportunity should have been used to draw attention to the actions taken against those that draw the prophet Muhammad and those that had to enter the witness protection program as a result, such as the creator of Everyone Draw Muhammad Day.

The website also echoed the views of the Pickens County group. In fact, CreepingShariah actually published the same call to action.

The anti-Sharia groups have also been taking aim at General David Petraeus, for his denouncement to Pastor Terry Jones’ Quran burning in Florida, as well as Hutton Hotel for declining to host the Preserving America Conference.  

Here’s text from the original call to action, as posted on the Pickens County GOP site and

Recall that Muslims consider Ramadan the "month of jihad" and "month of victory" over infidels. Crayola should remind kids not to try and draw Muhammad lest their parents need to fend off Muslims and enter witness relocation – like the creator of Everyone Draw Muhammad Day – since the FBI nor anyone else will protect them.Christmas trees and bunnies abound but a search for the Bible returned zero Crayola:@CrayolaListening to Consumers and CustomersConsumer AffairsCrayola LLC1100 Church LaneEaston, PA 18044-0431-or-Click here to contact us electronically.About Our Products – in the U.S. or Canada:For Crayola®, Silly Putty®, Portfolio Series and Pop Art Pixies products, call 1-800-272-9652 1-800-CRAYOLA.

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